It can make a big difference in your income when you are earning money online regardless whether you have fallen on hard times or you are just interested in giving your savings account a boost. You will definitely find the right position online for your needs by either offering full-time home opportunities or side gigs to supplement your paycheck. Working from home also come with some extra bonuses such as saving on childcare, gas and food expenses, just to name a few. A list of some favorite online earning platforms is listed below.


It is good to know that not every job can be replaced by computers. People earn money through MTurk by doing tasks that are impossible for the computer to carry out. This also provides companies with minor assignments an opportunity to access a larger workforce and you can be a part of the workforce. Some of the tasks include tagging objects found in an image or verifying restaurant details such as phone numbers or hours of operation. While completing tasks on MTurk will likely not replace your salary, it can help add to your piggy bank.  We’ll classify this as a side gig.

A platform where researchers are being recruited is called Prolific. On this platform, you would be paid by researchers to participate in studies that range from surveys and experiments to testing apps. You can join prolific easily without charges and the company requires researchers to pay at least $6.50 every hour. One thing about prolific is the fact that they take 30% service charge of all participant payments but reviews say it is still possible to earn a decent amount in a relatively short period of time. This gig can help add a generous boost to your bank balance and as a bonus, you can feel good about your contribution to advancing human knowledge!

User Testing

With this next opportunity, you get paid to offer feedback on websites.  This company will pay you $10 per test, which involves visiting a website, completing a few tasks and then recording your feedback about your experience.  Each task takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. Website owners wondering what visitors think when they experience their site use this participant feedback to make improvements to the sites usability, clarity, and navigation.  A few bucks to add to your stash just for providing your thoughts.


Here you have an opportunity to exercise your voice and have your opinion heard.  When an attorney would like to “pre-try” a case before it goes to trial, they turn to EJury where the case can be tried to a minimum of 50 people.  This pre-try provides the attorney with a good amount of feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their case and they can then present the facts accordingly during the actual trial.  Depending on the length of the case, you can be paid $5-$10 for each rendered verdict. Not something you are going to get rich off of but it can help pay the bills.

This is known as the fastest way of finding high paying research interviews and Respondent also allows companies to recruit individuals in their target audience to participate in studies. Your LinkedIn or Facebook profile must be connected in order to be a participant in the research study. This will help your demographic and employment background verified so you can get matched with studies that fit your profile. This opportunity has the ability to help fatten your wallet because of the $140 hourly pay plus it is also possible to earn even more when you refer friends to be a participant.

Play Test Cloud

This is the fun part of everything. This is done by making money from playing games and providing feedback on your experience as a gamer. It is as simple as it sounds. While you play, your voice and screen will be recorded and you will be asked to express any gaming issues you feel should be addressed throughout your gaming experience. These feedbacks will be used by game makers in order to improve their products. You can earn up to $9 for each game you test. Making money while thinking out loud and playing games in the comfort of your home may sound too good to be true but this opportunity is completely legitimate.  Take part in a fun, quick way to make some extra dough and you get to try some cool new games before anyone else.

The list above is only a few options you can consider to add extra cash to your wallet. There are tons of ways you can do this online. The internet really has provided a wonderful space for individuals to find opportunities to earn from home but you must be careful.

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