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Top Cloud Based ERP Systems of 2022

What is the best cloud-based ERP system? The top cloud-based ERP system is NetSuite ERP, as it automates essential business workflows across multiple industries efficiently. It also provides robust tools for complete accounting, purchase processing, order tracking, as well as advanced modules for warehouse, shipping, fulfillment, and compliance management.

While ERP software might appear to be expensive at first, their closely integrated processes would mostly compensate for the initial steep investment. This is why many businesses treat them as investments rather than costs. Moreover, these solutions increase efficiency and, in extension, value. Thus, they are best considered as assets instead of liabilities. However, not all ERP solutions are created equal. Others are very general, others super-advanced, and others are highly specialized.

But if you are looking for a cream-of-the-crop cloud-based ERP software, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we present the 12 best cloud-based ERP software that you can find on the market today. We ranked them in terms of how they integrate resources well from different departments, their usability, customizability, and analytics. Hopefully, you can find something that fits your business requirements and preferences.

leading cloud-based erp tools

Getting an ERP platform isn’t a fast ticket to the magic Fortune 500 list. A quick reality check on some well-publicized ERP implementation failures should take care of bringing you down to earth fast. If there’s one thing to be learned about these, it’s that while ERP promises sumptuous returns, success does not come overnight via a one-time purchase, and just watching it overwhelm staff and CEOs.

Never mind that ERP solutions for small businesses are now a dime a dozen, signaling to businesses that ERP has never been more accessible. But the initial euphoria can easily wear off once you learn that enforcement can also mean a great deal of disruption and, thus, longer actual implementation. The biggest challenge when it comes to ERP implementation is organizational change. Even though 95% of businesses report improvements after using ERP tools, 74% experience delays in the project, and 64% go over budget.

The Biggest Problem in ERP Projects: Organizational Change

95%of businesses improve their processes after ERPimplementation74%of ERP projects take longer than expected64%of ERP projects go over budget

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It is not smooth sailing from there. An individual takes a good amount of time to learn how to use digital tools well, much more than the whole organization. The success of ERP platform implementation hinges on a well-thought-of change management plan, to convince users why change is necessary and why they need to be trained for it if they are to be involved at all. So, before you invest in a top ERP platform, you should also plan out how to roll it out.

The solution is straightforward as the problem: instituting a proper organizational change management plan can get the ball rolling in the right direction, on time, and most likely without jumping over budget.

Top Cloud Based ERP Systems

1. NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP dashboard

With extensive tools from financial management to procurement, order and billing management, production, and supply chain management to warehouse and fulfillment, cloud-based NetSuite ERP covers just about any business process that you need to integrate to make your business operate at an optimum flow. The wide range of services has benefited businesses of any size, making it the most widely deployed ERP platform in the market today. Business owners and their employees hail the application for how it makes their jobs easier to understand in the context of the overall business objective.

The financial module is a robust combination of comprehensive accounting capabilities with transparency and compliance at its core, automation, and precision in billing procedures, and astute business intelligence to drive the business forward using performance figures and industry-specific insights.

You can check out its comprehensive feature set further if you take advantage of the vendor’s free trial plan.

Beyond a free trial, you need to contact the vendor to negotiate a price for your specific needs. The tools that you need will determine the price, which means scaling up or down is easily negotiated with the vendor. NetSuite has been a trusted name in the ERP business for years, and its customer service is second to none, which should give you peace of mind when you think of potential issues when opting for this software.

2. Rossum

Rossum dashboard

Rossum is a cloud-based platform carefully engineered to provide businesses with an intuitive document management solution. This AI-powered software serves as an all-in-one gateway for collecting, processing, and organizing all types of transactional documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, and claims among others.

As an intelligent document curator, Rossum gathers all incoming documents from different sources including email, document scanners, as well as other document management systems. And to keep your business partners updated on the status of the documents they sent, Rossum also automatically communicates confirmation messages complete with the details your business partners require from you.

Rossum is also equipped with a cognitive data capture tool that identifies unclear or missing information in the documents collected. And in case of inconsistencies, the system also automatically sends clarification or correction requests to the document sources. Furthermore, Rossum is a self-learning solution, which means it instantly recognizes and adapts user corrections and applies them to succeeding document collection and processing actions.

To make sure that Rossum can address your business’ document management needs, you can sign up for a free trial before upgrading to a custom quote-based plan.

3. Scoro

Scoro dashboard

A project management software that is virtually indistinguishable from standard ERP offerings, Scoro helps companies tie up multiple workflows and teams through detailed work management tools. It comes with invoicing tools, multiple currency support, and other financial modules. It also offers a CRM that paves the way for increased sales, and insightful analytics and reporting features to help business owners get their acts together and grow their businesses.

At the core of Scoro is its capability to keep your portfolio organized and updated, to match project deliveries with budgets, and to set aside non-billable works with billable ones. A thoughtful dashboard design lets you see ongoing and finished projects at a glance or dive into more details through supporting files and documents.

Once your free trial is up, you may decide to give Scoro a full run, which you could start for just $22 per user per month.

Scoro holds a solid customer support reputation, so this area shouldn’t be of major concern to your use of the product.

4. Kechie ERP

Kechie ERP dashboard

Kechie ERP is a robust platform that covers a variety of ERP functions, including CRM, customer support, financial management, inventory management, and logistics. It also provides plenty of features for manufacturing, multi-warehouse management, procurement, and order management. As a fully integrated solution, the software is ideal for use by small businesses, start-ups, or large enterprises, especially those in the food, apparel, electronics, and consumer goods industries.

Built on a highly secured cloud infrastructure, Ketchie ERP provides a complete raft of tools to automate and synchronize most of your business processes. One of its core modules is its CRM solution, which provides a single database where you can easily access and manage customer relationships. It also provides powerful analytics tools to help you analyze and track your sales performance.

Moreover, Kechie ERP provides financial management features that help you in the planning, organizing, controlling, and monitoring of your financial resources. It also automates accounts payable and receivable tasks, allowing you to save time in processing and managing invoices and expenses.

Kechie ERP’s pricing is available by quote. You may reach out to the vendor and request a tailored plan for your business needs.

5. Tipalti

Tipalti is award-winning billing and invoicing platform designed to simplify the operation of global payment processing. Trusted by more han 1,500 companies from various industries, such as business services, gaming, ecommerce, manufacturing, and healthcare, Tipalti has automated account payables of different businesses to more than four million suppliers across the globe.

This mass global payment platform is designed to streamline payment processing by eliminating 80% of payable workload. Whether your payment processing workflow is invoice-based, completely digitized, or a combination of both, Tipalti has the necessary tools to automate your payment processing for suppliers, affiliates, business partners, etc., from end-to-end, which makes this time-consuming operation more efficient and accurate.

Furthermore, Tipalti optimizes payment and finance management without sacrificing quality and security. Tipalti is equipped with enterprise-grade financial controls to ensure that sensitive financial information are protected from cyber attacks and possible data loss. Tipalti’s proprietary risk module, Tipalti Detect™, also proactively screens, detects, and prevents potentially fraudulent transactions.

Suffice to say, Tipalti is one of the most comprehensive accounts payable platform ideal for businesses that handle global payment transactions.

6. Brahmin Solutions

Brahmin Solutions dashboard

Brahmin Solutions is a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management software created for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. This software solution is ideal for businesses that
that manages multiple inventories in different channels, as well as warehouses in different locations. Brahmin Solutions provides a centralized platform for monitoring and managing inventories, B2C and B2B sales transactions, order fulfillment, manufacturing processes, accounting, and more.

As multi-channel ecommerce feature supports multiple currencies for your ecommerce’s international sales transactions. Aside from online stores, Brahmin Solutions also supports inventory and warehouse management of brick-and-mortar establishments. By providing real-time updates on your sales and inventory, you can stay ahead of replenishing your orders, as well as making sure that your perishable items will be sold before their expiration dates.

Streamlining your business processes is easier with Brahmin Solutions as this software seamlessly integrates with other applications from ecommerce platforms, online payment gateways, shipping and fulfillment solutions, accounting, EDI, and 3PL.

The starting price for this ERP software is $199/month and good for five users or fewer., which is ideal for growing small businesses with a maximum of 1,000 orders per month.

7. Odoo

Odoo dashboard

An open-source, cloud-based platform with virtually every computing module you will ever need or think of, Odoo is your gateway to propping up your business for success with applications that you can integrate and scale down as you see fit. Among the tools are the accounting suite for your financial management and reporting needs, CRM and sales modules, purchase, invoicing, expenses and payment functionalities, recruitment and HR, project and timesheet management tools, and eCommerce and point-of-sale applications for your retail outlets, among others.

You pay for what you choose, and the pricing is readily available on the platform website for no-frills, no-mystery shopping. The scheme works to your advantage, letting you plan for other expenses to take care of your business.

If you are in the manufacturing or technical services industry, you will appreciate Odoo’s comprehensive MRP and PLM solutions, which are further augmented by superior quality maintenance and real-time communication technologies.

8. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct dashboard

AICPA-certified Sage Intacct provides all the essential financial solutions businesses need. The cloud-based platform has precision accounting at its heart, with extensions for inventory management, multiple sales tax computations, bank reconciliation, and multiple currency support. Your financial data is secured by enterprise-grade security protocols, while a powerful analytics engine gives you meaningful reports to steer your company to grow.

Sage Intacct eliminates risky financial data entry errors for accurate revenue projections based on realistic costs and margins accounting. At the same time, strict compliance with regulatory statutes for sales tax keeps away authorities from knocking on your door soon.

Quote-based pricing includes reliable uptime and upgrades down the road. As a web-based platform, Sage Intacct is available for any device of your choice, from desktop systems to iOS and Android hardware.


SYSPRO dashboard

Available as a cloud or on-premise implementation, 40-year maverick SYSPRO integrates many notable computing technologies to help businesses with world-class accounting services, quote, billing and payment management, inventory and supply chain control, order and invoice processing, auditing and fraud detection, and forecasting. It harnesses bots to take care of repetitive and mundane tasks, so human agents can focus on what they do best.

Your journey with SYSPRO starts by aligning the application with your specific industry and scaling the modules to a level that works best for you. The pricing is, thus, dependent on just the features that you would actually use, with more than enough room to adjust as your need changes later on.

By adopting the best technologies around, SYSPRO ensures that as your partner, it would remain relevant to your business no matter the path you decide to take. Friendly and professional people behind help desks ensure you get the most of your purchase in no time.

10. Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud dashboard

Among those in this compilation of the best 12 cloud-based ERP software platforms with a truly global footprint, Oracle ERP Cloud lays down a solid business foundation for which the solution is acclaimed. A flexible approach to pricing lets you run the application at any time and pay only for those features that you actually use, sans any contract term. If commitment is more to your liking, Oracle offers a contract term from one to seven years, the price depending again on the modules that you select.

Your choice of features includes the financial and accounting system, which is at the heart of Oracle ERP, procurement and project management, compliance and risk management, inventory and order management, along with analytics and reporting to sort out the next steps for your business to head for.

With Oracle ERP, you can be running a business with a truly worldwide reach and not worry about how disparate locations and teams can work together and share the same processes and objectives while maintaining compliance with any region or location. If issues should arise, Oracle ERP maintains capable customer support staff available 24/7 to help you get back on time.


SAP ERP dashboard

From Germany and a brand that is synonymous with longevity and reliability, SAP ERP provides fully compliant financial and accounting solutions along with sales and CRM functionalities, supply chain and HR management, procurement, and ordering modules to take care of multiple facets of your business from one unified dashboard.

Available as an on-premise or cloud-hosted application, SAP ERP allows you to make your purchases count with the best contracts that you can secure through extensive sourcing. With industry-best practices for total transparency, you will never wonder where your money went during the next round of reviews and audits.

If your business is subject to varying regional regulations, SAP ERP’s broad global coverage ensures your accounting or manufacturing processes do not stray away from government laws, a major source of financial risk and headache for the inexperienced operator.

12. Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP dashboard

Incorporating the latest technologies with what is already a solid ERP solution, Epicor ERP delivers integrated, seamless business operations that make the most of the digital innovations in the field of big data, artificial intelligence, and mobile computing. It handles the most complex numbers for efficient, accurate financial and accounting management, responsive customer communications, inventory, and supply chain management, along with human capital and project management, among others.

To meet any security and contingency concerns, Epicor ERP lets you implement the software through your own servers and intranet configuration, or access it via a dedicated host or the vendor website. A powerful analytics engine enables you to evaluate the performance of different aspects of your business.

You can start running Epicor ERP for $175 per user per month, with a choice of other modules to complement the basic package features.

Are You Ready for Your ERP Implementation?

Well, there you have it. Those are the top-flight ERP platforms available on the market today. But again, just having one of the best software doesn’t get you the benefits that top company users do. There is a “soft” component when it comes to implementation, and that is the people. It entails some convincing and training them (yourself included) to actually use these top ERP platforms to their highest potential. Thus, there is really more work to be done when you adopt a solution at first.

Adoption needs planning. Organizational change needs planning. And, one of the best ways to start your ERP implementation planning is to try out some software first.  To wit, we recommend you start from our top-ranked platform, NetSuite ERP. Again, it is a complete solution with easy-to-use, powerful features from collaboration tools to analytics. If you want to investigate the features closely, you can easily do so when you sign up for a NetSuite ERP free demo.

If you take this route, you’d have a hands-on experience with the platform and see whether it will work for you first. In this way, you would have an idea of how the transition more or less would work for your organization. Also, power users pair their ERP platforms with other systems such as inventory and purchasing solutions, among others. In addition, make sure that your chosen ERP software will also fit your current digital architecture, culture, and usage. Getting on a free trial is one of the first steps to take.

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