You may be looking for ways of spending less on purchasing groceries and to save more for the use of your family after seeing a show like Extreme Couponing? An effective way to cut spending is by getting coupons. With coupons, there are no stockpiling necessary even if you keep it simple and just save on things already purchased. Below are some places you can get great coupons for you to purchase groceries and other items you use regularly.

Online Printable

Manufacturer coupons for all kinds are offered by lots of websites and they are only a click away. RedPlum and are some of the prominent coupon site where printable coupons are provided without any strings attached, no accounts or sign ups needed. These sites have been used by manufacturers for some time to connect with customers and potential customers so as to gain more exposure to their products.

Get Them Directly from a Manufacturer

Similar to online printable, you also have an ability to simply search for your favorite products and find the manufacturer’s website yourself. Once there, you can navigate your way to a coupon tab or page, which will likely prompt you to sign up for emails with special offers.

The Sunday Newspapers

The newspaper is an excellent resource for coupons. They come full of pages and pages of manufacturer coupons that not only pay for the newspaper subscription, but also add the extra convenience of having it delivered straight to your door. Typical inserts will include one for Procter & Gamble, SmartSource, and RedPlum, and most products you find in those inserts are ones you likely use on a daily basis.

Grocery Store Ads

Lots of local stores delivers ads weekly that share their grocery specials; while also offering coupons on some products. So as to coordinate all of your meals with the sales, you can adopt the idea drawing a weekly shopping list and meal plan around the weekly ads.


When it comes to nice and easy read, magazines are the best and they are also filled with ads for products, recipes and coupons. If you receive magazines in the mail, next time, peruse through the pages to see if you can find any coupons for products you’d like to use, or try. Even better, ask friends and family for their recently used magazines if they plan to discard them.

Directly on the Item

Keep an eye out for coupons that are placed directly on products as you walk through the grocery stores aisles and shop. They are usually stuck to the front of the product. The best thing to do is to take them off the items before placing them on the scanner at checkout. It is possible for the cashier to forget to scan them as they may not notice it at first. 

The next thing now is to use coupons after you have known the many ways you can accumulate great coupons to save for your groceries, household items and personal items. We hope you will experiment with using coupons to your advantage on your next shopping trip.

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  1. When was this article originally written. I don’t see coupons in magazines anymore; maybe they were in them 30 years ago. Nothing new here. Sad.

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