It is important for there to be affordable rental housing available to low-income families. It is however unfortunate that rental housing can be more challenging to secure outside of urban city areas as there may not be as many options available. 

Fortunately, there are several organizations mentioned on the website of the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) that are dedicated to making the rental search and application process more manageable. Below, we’ll review how to find affordable rental housing in a rural area by utilizing the available programs.

lowIncomeHousing.Us – it was established in the early 2000s, it was converted to an online version in 2010. With local affordable housing offices, this program works to compile lists of low-income and affordable housing options that are open to residents in every area. There is however no charge for services or information provided on the LowIncomeHousing.Us website and the properties are updated on a daily basis by employees.

By utilizing their rental lists, potential renters can locate further information on rental properties, such as pictures, contact email and phone numbers, maps, and addresses. Prices are sometimes made available on listings; however, they are often not listed due to pricing being constructed based on a renters income level. The website does recommend contacting any potential listings you’re interested in via phone primarily as it is usually the easiest way to find current availability information and be placed on waiting lists if applicable.

USDA Rural Development Multi-Family Housing Rentals – The primary aim of this website is to provide information on government rental projects. The USDA subsidizes over 15,000 section 515 apartment complexes all over the United States. 

Section 515 is a USDA loan program that enables funding to be provided to low-income residents and families so that they can afford housing in rural areas. All properties that fall under this program are managed by approved agencies that must provide a certification process for all of their tenants. The USDA also manages over 1,000 section 514 properties. Section 514 allows loans and grants to be given to qualified on-farm and off-farm residences. These properties also require an annual tenant certification.

Rental assistance through 250,000 apartments located in rural areas throughout the US are also provided by USDA. Qualified low-income tenants are guaranteed to pay no more than 30% of their income in rental costs in these programs. The criteria for qualification vary in each state and within different countries of the state as costs of living are different in each area. 

Affordable Housing Online – The purpose of the website is to serve and provide waiting list information on affordable housing and subsidizing housing to low-income renters. The website was established 15 years ago. There are over 6,229,000 apartment and homes listed that are comprised of 77,500 apartment communities according to their website.

Those seeking affordable housing can quickly locate potential opportunities, complete applications for housing, and even apply for waiting lists all on the website. There is also an available blog to keep up to date on current events and news, an extensive FAQ section that addresses most related questions for renters, and up-to-date, affordable housing data and tools to advocate for housing issues that are important to you.

An additional opportunity allowed by the website is individual apartments and apartment communities that receive Federal funding to list their rentals for free and all information is provided to potential renters free of charge as well. Available listings and information are updated by employees daily. 

Numerous informational guides are also available on the site, ranging in topic from low-income housing guidance to Section 8 guidance, to discrimination law and housing scams. There is also educational information available to potential landlords, such as on the Low-income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC).

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    1. I’m glad agencies are out there to help low-income maj-gen Edwards I have a degenerative spine disease can’t work and I’m trying to get a house for my daughter and I

    2. Am single mom 30 day old son who is in chronic care in LUCILLE PACKARD Children’s hospital in palo alto.we have no where to go .I am reaching out begging for help .Any type subsidies preferred.I can be reached at 415 374 3848 lombrelle hopkins

    3. I am looking for a low income home I just had a new kid and my mother is sick trying to get back to Mississippi so she have somewhere to live she’s 80 years old

    4. I am looking for a nice lownincome apt or a small house I am 74 and I just don t no who can and who can notI am now liveing in a smaill apt for 740.00 a month things are getting really hard for me now

  1. Just checking to see if there are any available section 8 homes or apartments, that are based on income of potential renter, near me

  2. Every where seems to be so expensive these days. It can prove stressful when I am the only income. I have my nephew with me,too. Thank you.

  3. I am a mentally and physically abused woman trying to start over at the age of 51…..i am currently homeless because i left the abusive relationship and need a home

  4. I need a three bedroom low income house for rent as soon as possible we have to move April 30th the owner’s sent a notice to vacate on February 1st. I have a section 8 voucher I cannot find a place to move I have disability’s. That require I have my own room it’s my spouse and I and my grandson we’re in a position to become homeless. I need

  5. Thank you for the email, I would appreciate it if you would email me more information on rental assistance in Lake Isabella, Ca 93240 The rental would be for my spouse and myself we receive ssi & retirement combined income is $1,140.
    Thank you,
    Linda Franzle

  6. I’m needing assistance in getting sec 8 funding to a home I already rent and help with assistance on my bills.

    1. Hello my name is Johnny Morgan I am looking for someone to help me with a home loan and I became I have bad credit I just need a chance to get a place and rebild my credit if you can help please give me a call

  7. I can not figure out how to apply for any of these low income housing programs or section 8. I filled out an application almost 2 months ago at pha but they said nothing is available and they’d be in contact but I have had no word at all about anything. Now the coronavirus pandemic has occurred and cost me to lose my job and even harder to find another job to replace it. Meanwhile I am unable to find any assistance for me and my 2 daughters to find a place to live.

  8. I’m 70 years old and my roommate of three years is going to be leaving for a program. So that leaves me not able to afford our current living situation. I need to find an aafordable, low income apartment.

  9. I’m in need of housing assistance clothes.for me and my wife have just had our car stolen.with everything we own .were leaving on the generousicity of others..with a lil starter help my wife and I can take care of our selves as self efficient..just a lil help assistance
    .thankyou very much.
    Ronnie&Iona Graham

  10. I was kicked out of my home by my partner. I’m 56 with no place to go. I’m at a friends house for now and my only income is SSD!!! Please help me.

  11. I need help looking for assistant for housing theSe past 3 years I’ve been living in a struggle I have with 2 boys one was taken from me which lead to me being unemployed because i was so depressed Because the system took my oldest son away From me but because I wasn’t a good mom for him but I was an ok enough to keep my other son !!! Doesn’t make sense!! Now I need to pay child support and Rent!! With no job please help I just need a peace of mind knowing I have somewhere to take my babies and sleep comfortably

  12. I am looking for a house that is section 8 or low income housing for a family of three, my husband is unemployed due to a back injury but doesn’t receive disability, I make low wages and my daughter don’t get child support from her father, not my husband, he owes 17,604 in a support order from chd support services

  13. I am disabled and paying full rent is killing me . I can say its been hard since my husband passed away . This new life without him is scary . I need section 8 or a husband home .

  14. I am looking for a affordable housing. We are 8 people in family but we live in a two bedroom apartment!

  15. Hello thanks for responding I’m homeless at the moment my landlords didn’t want to fix things and on top he was getting letter’s from the city about the property I was living at. It’s do hard to find a nice place these days. I do have a lot of illnesses but I don’t let the stop me from my every day activities

  16. I am crippled desable and in a whellchair my section 8 has said I do qualify for everything in the book with my benefit I’m an ex-police officer and they’re saying that I qualify and have everything ready to go

  17. Looking for anything livable outside of town.Eastern KS,or southwest MO. I’d like to remodel or redo a trailer house even. I’m on disability so I can’t pay much. Please, most anything is sufficient for me, I’ve a friend willing to help me on rebuilding also. I’m living in HUD housing now, so I qualify.

  18. I’m in need of a place I live in Forsyth County. I am unable to work due to the Coronavirus I want something affordable I have 2 boys in need for something asap!!! Help me please

  19. I’m a single mother of two amazing children & we are about to lose our apartment I need to find a place in low income housing. Please &thank you!

  20. Looking for section 8 housing or rent to own or a loan for someone with poor credit. Rental assistance and help with furniture would be very useful as well.

  21. I’m looking for a place to live in Gilroy or San Jose, Calif. I don’t make enough to get a place to live. I’m tired of being denied and it’s cold at night.

  22. I currently am 19 turning 20 and haven’t been able to be stable unfortunately and most def need help with applying for section 8 or finding a low income apt that is super affordable.

  23. I’m currently on the streets I cannot get any help from no one due to this corona virus everywhere I called I get turned down

  24. I live in orlavista Florida and I need help with my rent and electricity bill my rent is 1,050 dollars and my electricity is around 100 dollars and I get widow’s benefits and that is only 1,466 I need help please

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