Your identity being stolen can happen in so many ways. As a result of negative accounts on your credit, you might be denied application for credit and the problem is, they are not your and you have never seen these items before in your life. Another way is when you go to store and use your card for purchase and you are denied. You call your bank or check your account because after all this has to be a mistake. This is the time you realize there are a number of unauthorized charges that have eaten their way through your money. Many people what are now classified as victims of identity theft or fraud have this as their reality. Truth is identity theft has the potency of ruining a person’s finances, credit and even the person’s life as a whole. The messes that identify theft creates can be costly, time-consuming, and all-out intrusive in your personal life. So what do you do if you discover that your identity has been stolen?


Time is very important when you are faced with such a situation. In order to prevent the situation from spreading to other areas of your life, time is of huge importance and also in order to prevent it from wrecking permanent havocs. It would be bad for you if you fall into a frenzy and cannot figure out which way is up. Make sure the accounts of possible breaches are taken and make a list of who you need to talk to and start making your important calls as soon as possible. So as to cover more grounds, you can call your spouse provided you have one who is also included in the account should start making calls as soon as possible too.

Cancel Accounts

You can cancel all cards or breached account number by calling the credit card company in question and you can file a dispute for the charges. So as to be able to find out what additional steps you may need to take for that company or for any others that may be affected or in danger of being affected, try as much as possible to get information as you can. The major name of the game is to gather information and notification.

Call Credit Bureau

Call the credit bureau and place a fraud alert on your account. By placing a fraud alert on your account, credit issuers will be prompted to authorize with you directly before extending any credit due to ID theft. This flag will appear any time someone runs your credit and will warn/notify them that further authorization is needed- from you. This can slow down any additional theft that is on the horizon or in the works but has not been finished.

Review All Accounts

Endeavor to double other accounts to be sure they are not affected. For example, you will need to cancel any accounts or numbers that have the possibility of being compromised if you lost your wallet and other cards along with it. As a general rule, never carry your social security card with you unless you need it for a particular reason that day. Losing your social security card can complicate matters. If you have had your social security card stolen, be sure the contact the social security office as well.

Protect Yourself

Make sure you protect yourself in case of the future. Free credit monitoring services are offered by many credit cards or accounts which you should take advantage of. Check out any free options you have first to set up the first line of defense and then explore any further options if necessary. Companies such as “life lock” (and others) make guarantees to protect their consumer’s identity and can have built-in protection and insurances if something goes wrong. Another option to consider is identity theft insurance. These companies will not only ensure your financial complications but will assist you in the cleanup process, potentially saving you a boatload of time, frustration and energy- just be sure to check them out to make sure the coverage is right for you and is legitimate. Identity theft can be regarded as a major personal violation and it is unfortunate that it is common. Try as much as possible to protect yourself and make sure you are vigilant of any changes or requests you see pop up. You will be saving yourself a lot of stress when you catch ID theft early.

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