The need for good, affordable housing is growing in the U.S. Fortunately, there are government and non-profit organizations working hard to give people the housing assistance they need. One example of the many organizations assisting low-income families is the Housing Finance Agency (HFA) in each state.

What exactly is a State Housing Finance Agency?

It’s an independent non-profit organization that serves as a state chartered authority to help meet the affordable housing needs of state residents. HFAs are known for:

  • Providing 2.6 million families with affordable mortgages for the acquisition of their first homes
  • Financing 2.9 million low- and moderate-income apartments

It is ideal to contact your local HFA because these organizations are invested in their communities, mortgage insurance coverage is more affordable, underwriting is flexible, down payment assistance programs are available, and homebuyers are educated about owning a home. It’s best to get started with your state’s HFA page so you can reach out for the home buying or rental help that you need.

National Low Income Housing Coalition

While there are non-profit organizations out there that will help people obtain housing, many states utilize their own revenue to provide rental assistance. There are over 300 active programs within the National Low Income Housing Coalition that help people. These are not federally funded programs and you can search the database to find programs that could help you.

NeighborWorks: A Community Approach

Sometimes, the best place to find help is in your own neck of the woods. There are many municipalities with non-profits that work hard to improve their neighborhoods. To make this forward momentum possible, assistance is offered to families and individuals in need of housing.

It is proven that quality housing that fits within budgets help people strive toward better lives. NeighborWorks not only provides you with resources for obtaining decent housing but offers free counseling, helps with renovations and repairs, and provides free homeownership classes.

By using the NeighborWorks directory, you can search for your geographic location and find an organization in your community that will help you.

The Needed Resources are There

It’s important to recognize that researching the right resources can take you a long way toward securing housing and even home repair dollars. Through organizations like the National Low Income Housing Coalition and NeighborWorks, you can connect with local help that will give you what you need to move forward.

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  1. I’m needly my on place because I live with my daughter and I’m ready to be back out on my on I don’t get much on my disability
    And I do have an job but I don’t make much on it combing them together . I need help

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