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Obtaining permanent residency in Singapore can be a challenging experience, both for first-time applicants and those who are reapplying. Even before submitting the requirements, an applicant has to deal with many questions: What are the eligibility criteria? How can I increase the chances of my application being approved? Can I apply for residency for my entire family?

These are complex questions that need clear and detailed answers, which Paul Immigrations is equipped to provide. The company offers accurate information and excellent assistance with the application process for Permanent Resident (PR) status, delivering adequate services to more than 15,000 customers. As a consultancy firm, Paul Immigrations has extensive knowledge of Singapore’s immigration laws. Its team consists of experienced professionals who are qualified to represent PR applicants at all stages of the process.

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Clients Served by Paul Immigrations
For many foreigners who live and work in Singapore, permanent residency is equated with long-term legal status in a country you can call home for the rest of your life. Being a PR makes it easy for you to travel to and from Singapore, change jobs without reapplying for a new work permit, and acquire real property such as public or private housing. The permanent residency also leads to financial freedom and security as it gives access to various loan schemes and membership in the Central Provident Fund, which entitles you to a pension upon retirement. In addition, the children of PRs will have a better place in school priority lists, increasing the possibility of being able to attend the institutions of their choice. Equally important, being a PR opens a path towards citizenship.

The categories of people who can apply for PR status are the following:

  • Holder of an S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass, or Entrepreneur Pass;
  • Spouse of a Singapore Citizen or PR;
  • Elderly parents of a Singapore Citizen;
  • Unmarried child of a Singapore Citizen or PR below 21 years old who was either born within a legal context or was legally adopted; and
  • Student Pass holders who have lived in Singapore for at least two years and passed at least one national exam (i.e., PSLE or GCE N/O/A levels) or are in the Integrated Programme.

Specific Tasks Performed by Paul Immigrations
Clients who approach Paul Immigrations will benefit from the company’s extensive policy knowledge, professional case management, and strategic approach in handling complex cases. Its team has a strong track record of conducting the following tasks in a reliable manner:

1) Organising All Required Documents
Incomplete documents filed to the online portal of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) may invalidate the submission. This means wasted time and effort, as well as a disappointment for the applicant. To ensure that the process begins smoothly, a professional from Paul Immigrations will carefully assist the applicant in preparing and organizing all the necessary documents. The service includes providing updates based on the most recent information from the relevant government agencies. If the application is successful, then the PR may retain the documents for subsequent use if they decide to apply for Singapore citizenship.

2) Preparing Supplementary Documents and Personalised Cover Letters
Specialists can also help prepare additional documents to effectively present the applicant’s qualifications and the contributions they have made so far to Singapore’s economy and society. An example is a recommendation letter from the applicant’s employer. Such a letter can prove the applicant’s abilities as a worker, thus increasing the likelihood of success with the PR application. A personalized cover letter can describe the applicant’s best qualities, enabling the application to stand out from thousands of other cases reviewed by ICA.

3) Assisting on the e-Service Portal and Providing Complete Guidance
A professional will help the applicant navigate the ICA’s e-Service portal, making the submission process easy, efficient, and error-free. Moreover, the immigration specialist will provide step-by-step guidance throughout the Singapore PR application process.

How to Increase the Probability of Success

The following factors should be considered when applying for PR status:

1) Age
As the population of Singapore gets older, the country will benefit from having younger residents with more energy and time to make a positive contribution. This is why your PR application has a greater likelihood of approval if your age is below 50. However, older candidates also have an advantage in terms of knowledge and experience. Ultimately, what matters is the impact of your social and economic contributions.

2) Education level
In recent years, the ICA has received a larger number of applications through the Professional/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme. This means that candidates have to be screened rigorously to identify the most qualified ones. Good credentials from reputable educational institutions, as well as knowledge and expertise in your field, can therefore boost your PR application.

3) Financial stability
To judge whether you can contribute to Singapore’s economy, the immigration officials will consider your earning capacity and spending power. This factor is not based simply on your salary level or gross income, which enables you to support yourself and your dependents, but on holistic contribution in the long run.

4) Employment industry
Technical proficiency, work experience, or subject-matter expertise in innovative industries can help you become a PR. Another consideration is whether your employment has a seasonal or long-term character.

5) Kinship and family ties
Having relatives who are citizens or PRs can also improve your chances of an approved PR application because family ties can help you adapt easily to your environment, whilst also ensuring that your children (or future members of your family) will establish roots in Singapore.

6) The PR application itself
Considering that the ICA receives numerous documents, you have to make sure that your application forms are accomplished and all supporting documents are complete and organised. This will make the immigration officials’ job easier and allow them to focus on evaluating the information that is most relevant to your case.

Remember that in a fast-paced country like Singapore, applying for PR status requires you to be at your most competitive edge. To present the best version of yourself and reduce the worries that may accompany the application process, engage the services of highly skilled professionals at Paul Immigrations.

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