Adam Savage who is a Mythbuster has really done it this time. What did he do?! This time around, his antics sounds a little more like a myth but because the question of the tuition prices as of now globally would make us give this situation a term as myth shot down. Adam explained in an interview with him recently that the best way he believes to make college count is not to go to college right away after high school.

He said when you take at least a year to yourself before you head off to school, you would be able to spend more time working in the real world and having life experiences. This waiting period is termed gap year and this could end up being the most vital part of your education. The question is why?

One of the reasons for this is that you would have gotten a better idea of how things really are out in the workforce, how to work with others and even how to handle situations such as conflict. This is a kind of ultimate preparation for college when you finally get into college. 

It is better to focus on yourself a bit before going into college so you would know what you really want. Many people dive to college directly and they choose career paths they are not able to sustain eventually. 

It might even be invaluable

Savage also recommends taking prerequisites at a less-expensive community college to dramatically reduce the amount you have to pay for a four-year education. These schools can cost thousands less per year.

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